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Bluestone Crusher
Bluestone crushing introduction

Bluestone is a rock mineral widely distributed in nature. It is generated in the lake and sea basin. It is one of the main constituent ore of carbonate rock. It is currently a very environmentally friendly stone in nature.
Due to its large reserves, good wear resistance, weathering resistance, corrosion resistance, and no radiation, it is often used as an important raw material for machine-made sand. Machine-made sand products made of bluestone are widely used in construction, building materials, highways, Railway and other construction fields, it is an ideal stone material in the industrial field.

Bluestone processing technology
Bluestone processing usually requires coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing and sand washing steps.
The specific process is: the vibrating feeder uniformly transports the bluestone to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing. The coarsely crushed bluestone is transported to the cone crusher through a conveyor belt for intermediate crushing, and the medium-sized bluestone is processed by a vibrating screen. After screening, the materials that meet the requirements are sent to the sand making machine for fine crushing and sand making, and the materials that do not meet the requirements are returned to the cone crusher to continue crushing. In the sand making machine, the bluestone sand finely crushed and formed by the sand making machine is cleaned and removed. Clean bluestone sand is the finished sand we want to get.

Production advantage
1. High production efficiency, low operating cost, large output and high profit. The finished stone has uniform particle size and good shape, which meets the national high-speed material requirements.
2. Durable, low daily wear and tear, long life, and space cross layout, with small footprint and high output advantages.
3. Smooth discharge, reliable operation, convenient operation, environmental protection and energy saving.

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